ElringKlinger firmly believes that long-term success is built on the trust of clients and shareholders in our competence, innovativeness, and not least our integrity. This trust, which is reflected in the ElringKlinger group’s reputation, crucially depends on all employees being committed to the values and goals of ElringKlinger and acting accordingly in their respective areas of responsibility.

Violations of laws and regulations can cause severe damage for the entire company. A fair and reliable whistleblower system is indispensable for effective compliance.

Our whistleblower system "share with us" helps us to ensure that possible misconduct and violations of laws or regulations are reported, thoroughly investigated and brought to light. Therefore it aids in preventing damage for the company, its employees and business partners as well as the general public. Confidentiality, if desired, is guaranteed. Potential misconduct can be reported directly via the predefined reporting form to the person/office responsible for resolving these.

Examples of reportable violations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • illegal behaviour
  • corruption and money laundering offences
  • competition law infringements
  • violations of data protection
  • theft, fraud and undue enrichment offences
  • Insider trading
  • violations of occupational safety, health and environmental protection
  • discrimination
  • conflicts of interest

In addition, possible compliance violations can also be reported directly via managers to the Compliance Organization, in particular to the Compliance Officers in the individual corporate units.

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